Q:  What rifle will BarrelCool fit in? 

A:  Barrelcool will fit all AR-15, LR-308/AR-10 and most bolt action rifle platforms and will fit in rifle chamberings ranging from .223 to 30 caliber. 


Q:  What kind of batteries does it use and what is the battery life?  Why CR123A batteries?

A:  BarrelCool uses (3) CR123A batteries.  Battery life will range from 7-11 hours, depending on the quality of the battery.    The reason for CR123A batteries is its discharge curve and capacity.  9V batteries were burning up in less than 30 minutes and (6) AA or AAA batteries to get the right voltage and airflow would make the unit bulky, defeating the purpose of a portable, range bag friendly chamber flag that doubles as a cooling device.


Q:  Does it come in multiple colors?

A:  No, it will come in Yellow, which is an approved color by the NRA for empty chamber flags.


Q:  Where can I buy BarrelCool?

A:  You can buy BarrelCool on our website, www.barrelcool.com.    PURCHASE BARRELCOOL NOW


Q:  What if I need a different sized tube for a different gun? 

A:  it is possible to remove the tube and use different length tubes for various guns.  Tubes will be available at a later date. 


Q:  I do not see an order confirmation or shipping confirmation. 

A:  Check your spam folder and see if it was re-directed there. 


Q:  How well does it cool a barrel down? 

A:  Each barrel will cool differently based on the caliber, diameter of the barrel and the general conditions where the rifle is being cooled.   What BarrelCool does well is it cools the barrel starting where the heat originates, which is the bore of the rifle, specifically the throat area of the barrel.  BarrelCool draws in ambient air and redirects it into the bore of the rifle.  

In almost all cases, we have seen close to double the cooling speed versus leaving the barrel as-is.