Sorting Simplified

Sorteez is the world’s first and only companion product designed to change the way you measure and sort bullets for reloading.

We are precision shooters here at Barrelcool. To achieve consistency in our shots, we need consistency in our ammo. With Sorteez, you can sort your bullets in half the time.

At the core of the product is the Sorteez mobile app. It’s a powerful piece of software, wirelessly connected to a caliper module, that can take measurements and sort your bullets into individual bins for you.

Customize the range of measurements you want to sort, quickly and intuitively get to sorting, and never look at the individual digits on the caliper again. Sorteez does the thinking for you. Sorteez tells you exactly where to put your bullet.

Sorteez even collects data on your batch of bullets. Finally, you can calculate the averages, view your distribution, and see just how precise your bullets are being made from their source. Perfect your precision and skill with Sorteez!


How to Use the Sorteez App

To use the app, you need to set up measurement Profiles, and use those Profiles in a Session.

A Profile lets you specify an overall range of values (a minimum and a maximum), and a chosen number of bins. Sorteez takes your range, and divides it into evenly spaced bins. Create Profiles for specific bullet manufactures, so you can always be consistent with your measurement ranges.

A Session is where you measure and sort your bullets. When creating a Session, you can choose what Profile you’ll be using to sort your bullets. If you’ve got a set of 500 bullets from a new lot number you want sorted out by BTO, you can create a Session for this lot that uses your custom-built BTO Profile for that bullet.

You can even perform a multi-sort with Sorteez by specifying two different Profiles inside a Session. Measure each bullet by BTO, then again by OAL, to obtain extremely consistent and well sorted ammunition.

Once inside an active Session, Sorteez will transform the way you sort. Position your bullet, tap the screen, and Sorteez tells you what bin it goes into. That’s it. Just position, tap, and repeat, never have to read digits on the calipers or think about what bins contain what values again.

With the data obtained by Sorteez, you can finally see the exact distribution of your bullets. How consistent is your manufacturer? How does one lot vary from the other? Are my bullets more consistent across OAL than BTO? With Sorteez, you can finally find out. All data is available to export into any spreadsheet.

Sorteez | How-to Demonstration Video

Sorteez | Multi-Sorting Demonstration Video

Sorteez | Multi-Sorting Demonstration Video 2

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