About Sorteez

Sorteez- Sorting Simplified

Sorteez is a world first. It’s the only companion product designed to change the way you measure and sort bullets for reloading.

We’re precision shooters here at Barrelcool. To achieve consistency in our shots, we need consistency in our ammo. Sorteez has allowed us to sort our bullets in half the time.

At the core of the product is the Sorteez mobile app. A powerful piece of software, wirelessly connected to a caliper module, that can take measurements and sort your bullets into individual bins for you.

Customize the range of measurements you want to sort, quickly and intuitively get to sorting, and never have to look at the individual digits on the caliper again. Get told CLEARLY where to put the bullet, Sorteez does the thinking for you.

Sorteez even collects data on your batch of bullets. Finally, you can calculate the averages, view your distribution, and see just how precise your bullets are being made from their source. What you find could surprise you!