BarrelCool FAQs

What rifles will Barrelcool fit into?

Barrelcool will fit all AR-15, LR-308/AR-10 and most bolt action rifle platforms and will fit in rifle chamberings ranging from .223 to 30 caliber.

How well does it work?

In almost all cases, we have seen double the cooling speed of a barrel with BarrelCool vs the same barrel cooling regularly.

Each barrel will cool differently, depending on its diameter, thickness, and general conditions where the rifle is located. Barrelcool takes advantage of its position close to the chamber, providing max cooling to the very start of the barrel, where the barrel gets hottest. Barrelcool draws ambient air and pushes it through the barrel.

What kind of Batteries does it use, and what is the battery life? Why CR123A Batteries?

BarrelCool uses (3) CR123A batteries, and battery life will range from 7-11 hours of continuous on-time, depending on the quality of the battery. Most shooters use BarrelCool for ~15 minutes at a time.

The reason for CR123A batteries is that regular AA or AAA batteries have a greater “discharge curve”. This means they slowly begin to become less powerful as they die. CR123A batteries keep their voltage regulated until the last few minutes of their life. This is key to BarrelCool’s ability to be consistent throughout its life. To get similar performance from AA batteries, the unit would have to be significantly larger, and rechargeable CR123A batteries have a much shorter life span (but you’re welcome to use them!).

Does it come in multiple colors?

No, it comes only in Caution-Yellow, which is an approved color by the NRA for empty chamber flags.

What if I need a different sized tube for a different gun?

The tube can be removed, and a different tube can be inserted into its place. The tubes come extra long, and the user can cut them down to the right size for their rifle. There’s a marked ruler in the package!

Extra tubes can be bought separately for your convenience, or go for a package deal for all your guns or friends!