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Are You Getting the Most out of Your Gear?

At Barrelcool, we engineer shooting accessories– designed to help hunters and marksmen maximize their accuracy and precision.

Our team consists of precision shooters with engineering backgrounds. Every time we’re at the range, we identify problems that our communities deal with, and we design products that we ourselves want to use.

We ship worldwide, and have a distributor program!

Barrelcool: A chamber flag that cools your barrel.
Keep your barrel cool, and keep your shots on target.
Great for cold-bore mapping.
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Sorteez: The first ever reloading system combined with a mobile app.
Measure and sort ammunition in record speed, and capture data to analyze your batches.
Consistent ammunition means consistent targeting.
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Accessories: Gear and Gadgets to fill your bag
Double Comparators, EyeBlinders, and more innovations from the team.
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