Measuring and Sorting bullets improves consistency-
Sorteez finally makes it easy.

Even the best bullets vary in dimensions, and it’s possible this can affect accuracy. Why risk shooting unsorted bullets?

During competitions or while on the hunt, you’ll want to trust that your ammo has been measured and sorted carefully. We sorted 400 bullets out of the box, and found¬†up to 20% of our bullets fell outside of the mean sizes (click and see the data). Separate your bullets by size, and shoot them separately!

Sorteez is the first ever sorting system designed to enhance and support the reloading process. Sorteez sorts your bullets for you, by connecting dials and calipers to a mobile app.

Measure bullets, and with a tap of a button, categorize that bullet into separate bins. Even sort bullets against multiple measurements for extreme precision. Watch the video to see it in action.

Sorteez makes bullet sorting easy.
See the difference sorting makes. Get your Sorteez today.

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