BarrelCool  |  A unique patent approved product that combines the safety of a chamber flag and a fan for maximum barrel cooling on your rifle.

BarrelCool fits right into the chamber of your Bolt-Action or AR Rifle. A powerful blower fan pushes air through your barrel, and returns it to ambient temperature, enabling you to shoot with more precision and accuracy.

BarrelCool fits the standards for an NRA-approved chamber flag. Required at many ranges and competitions, a chamber flag indicates the firearm is free of any ammunition, and unable to fire. BarrelCool is a chamber flag that doubles as an enhancement for your rifle!

Controlling barrel temperature is a known method to improve accuracy between strings. Enhance barrel cooling by using BarrelCool.

Please note: Creedmore Sports is now the exclusive distributor for Barrelcool. Please follow the button below to be taken to their site for purchase. 

(3) CR123A batteries included.  



When barrels get hot, the metal expands. At long range, barrel heat significantly changes bullet travel. Take control of your barrel’s temperature with BarrelCool.

Waiting to cool for cold-bore mapping? BarrelCool can cut your time significantly.

You need a chamber flag- why not use BarrelCool and improve accuracy while waiting?

Additional information

Weight3.35 oz
Dimensions7 × 1 × 4 in


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