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Sorting Simplified


Measuring and sorting bullets improves accuracy-
Sorteez finally makes it easy. Now with a Dial Indicator!

Sorteez helps measure, sort and document your bullet measuring process. Sorteez combines a dial indicator with an intuitive bluetooth phone app that lets the user automatically measure and sort hundreds of bullets.

Comes with a dial indicator, custom cable, and bluetooth module. Download the app to get ready to sort!

Make sure to add a battery to your cart. Get one here!

If you are already a Sorteez Caliper owner, we are offering an upgrade program for the Dial Edition. Email or call (510)-252-1973 for information.

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Sorting Simplified

Shooting consistent bullets improves accuracy– top marksmen around the country carefully sort ammunition to make sure every shot is consistent. The slightest changes in the dimensions of a bullet will change its ballistics dramatically. During competitions or while on the hunt, you’ll want to trust that your ammo’s consistent. Top shooters are sorting bullets to achieve this consistency.

Sorteez is the first product that helps measure, sort and document your bullet measuring process. Sorting bullets is a must for long-range accuracy, and Sorteez aims to make that process more efficient and accessible than ever before by combining calipers with an intuitive phone app that lets the user automatically measure and sort hundreds of bullets without ever needing to focus on each one.

Key Features:

· Android and iPhone compatible. Search for Sorteez on the App Store or Google Play Store to view and download.

· Includes dial indicator, with precision to .01 mm or .001 inches.

· Create unique profiles by defining the range of values in mm and inches and the number of bins to sort for various measurements. For example, precision marksmen measure bullets by overall length, base-to-ogive, bearing surface, loaded cartridge-base-to-ogive, etc.

· Quick and easy sorting process via the phone app, resulting in less eye fatigue, quicker sorting sessions and fewer mistakes.

· Quickly cull out items that fall outside of the range of values.

· App provides minimum, maximum and average measurement values for a given sorting session.

· Know the counts in each bin.

· Ability to multi-sort. Sort against two profiles, minimizing the touch time on each item.

· Save the data on measuring sessions and export.

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