Sorteez FAQs

What is Sorteez?

Sorteez is a combination of hardware and software that will significantly speed up your reloading process, track valuable data, and give you more control over your ammunition’s quality.

What do I need to use Sorteez?

You’ll need the core package- the caliper, cable, and module. You’ll need a USB battery, use your own or pick one up right here! Finally, download the SortEEZ app on Android or IOS.

How exactly does Sorteez help me?

When sorting bullets, you measure each bullet, and manually read 4 digits on a caliper. Then, you have to remember what ranges you’re separating your bullets out into, and think about what bin it goes into. With Sorteez, you just measure, press a button, and sorteez tells you what bin to put the bullet into. No more reading calipers, no more mistakes, no more fatigue, and it’s all much much faster.

How do I know my phone is compatible?

Sorteez uses bluetooth 4.0. Any phone newer than the iPhone 4 or a Galaxy s4 should have bluetooth 4.0 (also called BLE) capability. If your phone is older, or from a smaller manufacturer, Google whether your phone has bluetooth 4.0 capability.

Can I just use my own caliper?

Most calipers have the same kind of data output port. However, we can’t guarantee that your caliper speaks the same “language” as what we’ve programmed our device for.

Mitutoyo calipers are not compatible. Most Neiko calipers should be compatible.