Sorteez Privacy Policy

We’re pleased to state that the Sorteez app is completely offline. No data or information comes back to us at Barrelcool. Most utility apps are like this, and ours is no different.

The app asks for several permissions:
Coarse Location Data (or Approximate Location) – This is a requirement for Bluetooth Low Energy. The bluetooth chip in your phone requires the ability to locate other bluetooth signals, and knows its location relative to those other devices. For that reason, Android requires the app be granted “location permissions”. This is not the same as GPS position data, this app has no idea where you are.

Read or Write Data (or access data on the SD Card) – The app lets you save profiles and sessions, as well as export your sessions to a .csv, so the app needs the ability to read and write data files on your phone. The app is not reading any data that isn’t a stored profile or session.

The app will run and function without any internet connection, all you need is bluetooth, so feel free to turn off your phone’s data while sorting. Absolutely zero data comes back to us here at Barrelcool.