Are You Getting the Most out of Your Gear?

Maximize your accuracy and precision. Built by shooters, for shooters.

At Barrelcool, we engineer shooting accessories– designed to help hunters and marksmen maximize their accuracy and precision. It’s what we do; we’re shooters ourselves, and we build products that solve the problems our community deals with every day on the range or in the field.

We ship worldwide, and have a distributor program! All of our custom products are manufactured in the USA.

The Original BarrelCool

Your Barrel's New Best Friend
A chamber flag with an integrated fan to cool your barrel. Cuts cooling time in half compared to regular convection, and the Caution Yellow paintjob complies with approved chamber flag color standards.

Keep your barrel cool, and your shots on target. Great for cold bore mapping, competition shooting, or any day at the range.
Manufactured in the USA.

Reintroducing the Barrel Blizzard

The ultimate barrel cooling solution.
Bring your rifle down to ambient temperature in 5 minutes flat.

Barrelcool works great, but when you need that extra boost, get yourself a BarrelBlizzard. Snap it onto your scope, and let the 2 fully 360° swivel fans cool your action, your barrel, or even yourself. It'll bring your gear down to ambient in 5 minutes, perfect for varmint hunting, load development, or just getting more time on the range.

Manufactured in the USA. Free shipping, even includes the battery!

The Convenient RestEYElign

Makes front rest setup and alignment a breeze.
The easiest and fastest tool to get your front rest aligned dead on target, the very first time.
Drop it into your rest, then use the holographic sight to align the rest to your target. When you place your rifle down, it'll be lined up with your target, no more setting and re-setting the rest.

Fits any 3 inch OR 4 inch front rest!
Comes with OR without the holographic sight.
Get to shooting quicker, use RestEYElign for your front rest.
Manufactured in the USA.

Dri-Gun has you covered

The 2 oz solution to shooting in the rain. Keep your action and chamber dry!
It starts raining at the range, so what do you do? Umbrellas are against competition rules, tarps get in the way of your scope adjustments, and letting your chamber get wet is NOT an option.

Easy solution: just snap on the Dri-Gun, and you've got a scope-mounted rain canopy. Durable, out of the way, lightweight, forget about the rain and focus on the target.

The All New Sorteez

The first ever smart bullet sorting system connected to a mobile app.
Bullet sorting FINALLY made easy. Improve your shooting consistency by removing outlier bullets, and analyze of all the data using the Sorteez app.

Comes in dial indicator or caliper versions.

Sorteez is an assisted bullet sorting system that does all the thinking for you. Use the mobile app to set up your bins, connect the instrument to our bluetooth module, and then just tap and sort.

Manufactured in the USA.

The Mini Brass Drying Tray

Quick and Powerful tabletop 50-case dryer.
Stop using your oven to dry wet-tumbled brass!

The Mini Brass Drying Tray sits right on your workbench and will dry your brass inside and out with two powerful fans. Dries 50 cases in less than an hour. The yellow inserts double as a convenient, removable brass holder.

Manufactured in the USA.

The Innovative Accessories

Shooting accessories from the competition shooters and engineers at Barrelcool.
Clever accessories, must-have tools, and gear to enhance your shooting and fill your bag!
See items like:
-The EyeBlinder: A clip-on scope blinder for your off eye
-The Double Comparator: Measure two bullet measurements with one touch
-Barrel Temperature Strips: Measure the temperature of your barrel at a glance
-and more!